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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Respectfully Yours

As we drove to the airport, we felt sad passing by the townships we had grown to know, full of the people we grew to love. A completely different experience than when we had driven past them in disbelief when we first arrived. Likewise it was sad to say goodbye to the staff of our bed and breakfast, to our tour guide Yasmin, and to the drivers such as Sabide.

It was a long flight and we lost a complete day returning home. However the green hills of Vermont, the warm, last days of summer, and our loved ones were a welcoming sight!

Of note, news of our project was published today in the Cape Town Sunday Times written by reporter Philani Nombembe pictured here. The article is titled "Kids help create a game of respect."  

The faculty were discussing the title and we think that "respect" is a very good name for an important value that we hope can be created by the project. Respect is what South Africans hold for their elders. Respect is the word we now hold for those we met. Respect is what we believe men and women must hold for each other in order to create a better, more just, and economically thriving society. 

Here is a link to the article: One correction is that the rand amount is incorrect and is approximately R1.5 million or $219,000. 


Anonymous said...

That is one awesome picture of the wing, sun, mountain, water and sky! This blog site has been fantastic while you folks were gone. Thanks to you and the others for keeping it up to date.

Ann DeMarle said...

Thank you to all of you who have been following and are part of a new global community.