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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello! Day Three and running.

So day Three, and we are running strong. Today we spent a better part of the day at an after school organization in the townships call Ikamvo Youth. This is an organization dedicated to getting a group of kids every year to finish 12th grade and get into college (tertiary school). First we met with the directors of the program and listened to what they had to say about the problems with the townships, education, what their program provides. They are angels in townships, working for kids so that kids can have a better life and future. I have read so many times that education can enable people to overcome almost any problem. Seeing the kids today I believe that even more.

And being with the kids today I learned so much about them. They are very intelligent, and are so nice and accepting. Today I talked with 5 girls while I tried to help them with their math homework.  I was less affective helping with their homework but I learned so much about them, and while I have trouble expressing what I learned, they impressed me. It felt like they all accepted us into their group. After spending time trying to tutor, we spent some time watching a movie made by someone trying to raise money for the center. Before the movie the director worked to try to raise money for a girl who couldn't afford to travel to school, we all students and us left money for her.

So after that we came back and here we are for the night. I will hopefully be able to blog tomorrow :D.



Shari said...

Thanks for continuing to add to the blog despite the fact that you must all be very tired. We appreciate the effort you make to keep us all informed!

Anonymous said...

Bryan, I met a woman at the airport in Charlotte, NC today and she wanted me to pass along a word of thanks to all involved with this project. She had personal experience with the kind of violence you are learning about and is grateful that perhaps even one child will be affected positively. PLease be safe and add to the blog when you can, it's so very awesome to read the words and close my eyes to imagine what it's like. I can hardly wait for your next post!!! XXOO, Mom