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Monday, August 25, 2008

Live from Cape Town

At this very moment I am watching and listening to Raymond deVilliers from Wisdom Games in Cape Town, South Africa. For the last few hours, information has poured from his brain into my own as I scrambled to translate sounds into words and into coherent thoughts on paper. After 24 hours of travel, a meager 8 hours of sleep still hasn't curbed the foggy haze in my brain, and despite spending a few nights here, I'm not quite sure my body has acclimated yet. Every experience I have had since arriving is hard for me to translate into words. Our very first moment we visited a township called Langa and were all blown away by its impact on us. We took in its pottery, dance, language, poverty, children and architecture; its community, interactions, and open arms. At a "less conservative church" (according to our tour guide), we watched the churchgoers dance and sing, shout and pray aloud. I will never forget the woman at that church who knelt on the ground and cried her eyes out as she prayed aloud to God. Hugs followed this long moment of loud prayers, and we all felt like we were welcome here. It was the best way to start our trip.

We have done much more since then, but it is impossible for me to write all about it at this time. I have so many pictures that will be online at some point, and I'll be sure to share and explain each one. By the end of this trip, I know that I will have changed in some way.

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